Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Departure in sight

We have just returned home to Montes Claros after a fabulous month in Denmark, enjoying quality time with our wonderful family and friends.
In Denmark we used a couple of days shopping for our, now very upcoming trip, - everything from back packs and clothes to first aid kit, plates and spoons, and Henriks favorite candy for his birthday, that he will celebrate probably in the outskirts of the Bolivian jungle.

This monday we recieved our final departure date, which will be the 31th of August heading to Sao Paulo. The 1st of September we will land in Quito, Ecuador - probably full of adrenalin, positive feelings and gooseboms all over our bodies. Can it get more real than that?

Henrik is counting his last days left at work, Barbara is trying to get hold of the last details, and all in all we know that the next 1½ month will fly from us in a tremendous speed.

We need to stop up and remember to sense Montes Claros and enjoy the very dear friends we have been blessed with here. Too soon we will have to depart. A day that in one way will be the start of a new adventurous chapter, - but also, unfortunantly, a day that will mean the end of another, - a chapter that always will be treasured deeply in our hearts. Long live the emailzation that will hinder the total closure of this very beautiful Brazilian chapter.


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