Thursday, October 19, 2006


Puno - one of the most southern cities in Peru, right next to Lake Titicaca, was our final stop before we crossed the border to Bolivia.

We had heard a lot about Puno. Everybody seems to have an opinion about it: Too cold, too touristy, too ugly or really nice!
For us, this city has been a very pleasant oasis and in many ways a perfect goodbye to Peru for now, so we must agree with the ones saying “really nice”.

We got a really good hotel recommended by some fellow travellers, centrally located in the middle of the pedestrian street which gave us great opportunities just to relax and enjoy the city. On the day of arrival we were surprised by a big folkloric festival dancing down the pedestrian street and on the nearby main square. Devils, Spaniards, bull fighters, and huge gorillas were what some of the dancers expressed. The costumes were really professionally made. But then again - the costumes should in some cases be more worth that the whole family’s wardrobe. For the locals, the yearly festivals have great importance.
The whole set up with dance and music (though not samba rhythms) brought our memories back to the carnival in Brazil. This was just a lot colder and quite smaller though still in a memorous scale. A huge difference though is that the bystanders did not move a foot. This was not a public party, more like a show.

Being our last chance, since on the edge to leave Peru we HAD to taste Cuy (Guinea pig/ Marsvin) in Puno. It is rather horrifying to see the whole animal with all parts intact from the tiny little crispy ears to the sharp teeth and small paws. The taste reminds a bit of rabbit or chicken, but with the small amount of meat, it is actually a bit difficult to tell…

Other funny things we have tasted in Peru is Alpaca steak which can be really tender, Pisco Sour, which is an awesome drink made by local licor, eggwhite, sugar and lime (you have got to taste it!) and ceviche which is raw fish marinated in lime and onion. Really good too.

All in all we have loved our month in Peru, and Puno being our last stop in Peru was a fine finale, perfect in many ways. But Puno also reminded us of, that we are far away, too far away, from our family sometimes.
We would both love to hug our new little nephew “Mikkel” , who was born while we were in Puno.
We were thankful to receive the news only few hours after the birth and thankful to have the possibility for Henrik to call Heidi (little sister) on the day. Heidi and Jesper, you are very much in our thoughts, and we are looking much forward to share time with you and especially Mikkel. Please send more pictures! :o)


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